Taylor Call

Taylor is a potent force of transformation, integrity, and evolution in this universe. With a Master’s Degree in Divinity and a heart of gold, she works for God. Taylor has the unique gift of being able to receive, translate, and transmit the energy and light signatures of The Communities of Light.

More than 20 years ago, she had a life-altering experience when, during a meditation, she received the gift of prophetic sight and hearing. Since that moment, Taylor is able to see and hear with awareness well beyond her personal perception. Since receiving this gift, she has worked with thousands of individuals throughout the world in personal sessions, courses, workshops, and online offerings.

Her mission is to support planetary evolution and to provide the opportunity for evolution and transformation to those who seek it. Her love affair with beauty, nature, and wilderness fuels her passion. Taylor lives in the reality that magic abounds, anything is possible, and we are divine intervention.   

A visionary speaker and entrepreneur, Taylor is the founder of AmbrosiaAnd, and a visionary co-founder of the Green Sports Alliance and Bees Galore. She has over three decades of experience in alternative healing and personal and spiritual transformation. She follows and applies information from a variety of health and wellness modalities in her practice.

Taylor’s specialty is supporting and accelerating everyone in thriving as human beings, accomplishing the impossible, and creating Heaven on Earth.

The Communities of Light

The Communities of Light are a timeless consortium of light, energy, and action comprising everything that ever was and that will ever be—the beginning and the end, the light and the dark, the alpha and the omega.