Where there is love there is life.
— Gandhi

True Love

As we move into the energies of the New Earth, many of us are feeling and sensing that we can now fully open ourselves to the true energies of love.

There is a new level of pure, heart-guided, divine, soul-sourced love that is now available to us. We have the opportunity now more than ever, to live moment-by-moment in the limitless energy of love.

This is the love of the greatest love stories, the happiest relationships, and most inspiring moments. This is the love that created each of us and every living thing. This love is that which fuels the sun, the moon, and the galaxies…the love that ignites our passions and illuminates our vision…the love that turns anger into joy, and darkness into light.

This is True Love.

Now is the time to embody your birthright of True Love—to be in love with everything, everyone, and every moment in your life.

Together, in an energetic group vortex of light and love, we will open ourselves to receive this new level of connection to our true nature and our true spirit of Love.

Group work such as this is creating an illumined pathway of evolution for mass consciousness to ride upon. This is potent, life-altering, miraculous work that happens only as a result of many conscious individuals coming together inside a mutual intent and desire. Each of us radiates our unique energy to pioneering the New Earth of True Love and Heaven on Earth.

We invite you and everyone you love to join us in this exploration of light.