Courses of Light are a series of energetic transmissions that form global vortices of energy and light. They are created by the Communities of Light to seed and promote particular energies on the planet to support global evolution and harmony.

As these group offerings are conducted remotely, anyone anywhere can participate regardless of time zone, location, species, age, or earth-plane connection.

Courses of Light are timeless transmissions of light that ripple backward and forward through time. They evolve, uplift, transform, and enhance all living aspects of the world, the cosmos, and beyond.

Each course is an opportunity for you to join with thousands of other beings around the globe in an intentional vortex of consciousness, energy, and light. In these vortices, anything is possible. There is no limit to what can transpire, as there are no limits to energy, light, love, and awareness.

Participants of all ages come together with aligned intentions, with the vortex serving as a rich source of energy to accelerate their soul's mission, to manifest their heart's desires, and to support them in being of service for the highest outcome for all.

Courses of Light are conducted long distance and open to anyone with the desire to participate.

Free Offerings

Please allow a few moments for the audio tracks to load and start playing. You will see a counter appear on the right of the black box when the audio is loaded and playing.  You can pause at any time and restart.


PLEASE NOTE: These are divine, light-filled, multidimensional energetic transmissions. These transmissions are best listened to while in a relaxed position with eyes closed. Please do not listen to while driving.

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