Referring to Taylor Call as a miracle worker would make her seem otherworldly and that would cleanly miss the key ingredient to what makes her incredibly special and unique. Taylor Call lives! And has lived. And is very much of the earth and our modern society. When you talk to her, she listens (deeply) from a place firmly rooted in the day. She is presence incarnate. Yet her deep knowledge of seemingly everything and her ability to see widescreen 360 degrees at lightning speed give you the sense that she couldn’t be merely human. But she is! And no greater humans exist who literally desire to give, share, and enlighten with so much clarity, focus, and care. Just the sound of her voice is the bridge to flow and ease. Then you add the meaning beyond the timbre, and your life has unequivocally been altered.
— Ken Weinstein, President, Big Hassle Media
Taylor Call has worked wonders in my life. With her connections on the deepest spiritual levels, practical knowledge, humbleness, and her huge heart, she has enabled me to free myself from many aspects in my life that I have been trying to leave behind for decades. I have limitless gratitude for her work and who she is. I am very grateful for her help, which turned my life around by 180 degrees, making it the best ever. I am still stunned about how lucky I am to have found such an amazing being. Never short of enthusiasm, light, and humor, Taylor is one in a billion.
— Sebastian Mierau, CEO, Life is the Best Ever! Ltd., New Zealand
Taylor Call is not a human. She is an angel. The energy she brings to each and every phone call is indescribable. You must experience it to truly understand. She speaks from a place of understanding and experience. My session with Taylor was nothing short of life changing, and I think about what was revealed during that session every single day—many, many times a day. I wish that everyone on the planet was able to receive her support and guidance. The world would be filled with joy, love, and laughter.
I know it’s my mission to help millions of people living with diabetes truly master the condition and take back control of their lives. Taylor transformed the way I now work with every client and showed me how to amplify my clients’ success.
Taylor provides practical advice, but also suggestions that are outside the box. And a lot of magic lies in her outside-the-box thinking. She is clearly connected to the divine and simply one of a kind.
— Robby Barbaro, Co-Founder of Mastering Diabetes
Taylor works at the core of your being, talks to your soul, nurtures your talent, calls forth your vocation and mission, and helps water and care for the most fragile and important seed of who you are. I could write a book about how essential her work is, but for me it did the most important thing—shifted my consciousness upward toward love, gratitude, and service.
— Before working with Taylor: disgruntled Air Force officer — After working with Taylor: CEO of Love Street Living Foods, Inspired Vitality, and Raw Guru Records
Taylor has supported me for over 8 years through difficult life and business challenges in a way that has transformed my life. If you are up to big things or life gives you the unexpected, there is no one better than Taylor to help navigate the roadblocks to a joyous outcome. I have never met anyone like Taylor in her ability to understand people and complex business issues and to apply a broad range of tools, wisdom and clarity to support me in a positive way toward a positive outcome.
— John Romanowich, President & CEO, SightLogix
For over four years, Taylor has been my “go-to.” Taylor’s visceral and uncanny wisdom has directed me along my path to good nutrition, my path to overcome illness, my path to rebalance myself in the midst of struggling relationships, and my path to reinvent myself. She has connected me to the universe that she lives within. There is no subject or topic that Taylor cannot intellectually or spiritually absorb and advise on. I have become accustomed to finding solace in knowing that all positive, nourishing roads lead to Taylor Call. I am forever grateful for the light she has brought to my life.
— Molly Blasier Urban Developer, Designer, New Business Innovator President, BlasierUrban LLC
For over ten years I have consulted with Taylor, participated in the courses she has offered, had Sessions of Light, and have referred family, friends, and patients to her. Over and over I have witnessed Taylor’s work transform people’s self-imposed limitations into the fullest expression of their authentic selves. In many ways I have been witnessing miracles. Taylor continues to be my mentor, teacher, and confidant. With love and deep gratitude.
— Dr. Shawn Tepper-Levine, practitioner of Traditional Osteopathy and Functional Medicine, Kingston, NJ
Sessions of Light help me to see my divine path, and that we are all connected in our true and simple ways. These are only a few words for something I can hardly describe, other than to say thank you.
— Vivianne B., Steffisburg, Switzerland
The energy and transmissions that come from The Communities of Light’s courses are unique and unlike anything of its kind today! These divinely guided and aligned teachings are transforming and life changing in a most miraculous and magical way. I am extremely grateful for having the privilege of receiving these courses at this time in my life and I highly recommend them to anyone who feels called to participate!

With many blessings,
— Basir, The Harmonic Visionary, Tamarac, FL
I was blessed to have had a beautiful experience during a transmission with Taylor. I felt light and detached from the physical while recognizing and feeling the words spoken. I actually felt a full separation from my physical body and truly felt who “I” really was/am, a beautiful light-filled soul. I saw/felt myself float above it all and saw how small this big world really is. I had a huge FULL feeling of what is important—compassion, happiness and love. Taylor is a humble, clean, open, intuitive, bright light always ready to help guide whomever comes into her presence selflessly without question, full of care kindness and compassion. Her gift takes her innate drive and desire to serve others to a whole other magical, angelic level, allowing her to tune into another with that much more precision. She reminds those she meets who they truly are, filling them back up with the rights they were born with and the knowing carried deep within their souls.
— Stephanie Tisone, Healing Lifestyle Designer
To take one of Taylor’s courses is to agree to be held on a virtual lap of love and light with a wise elder whispering encouragement into your ear.
— Betsy Reiling, MPH, CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath, Pittsburgh, PA
Our whole family has participated in Taylor’s courses. We felt supported and held by Taylor and the beings of light and the other participants throughout all the courses we took. We found clarity on things that were limiting our future that we hadn’t even distinguished before. Our children were empowered to be a part of creating their future. Taylor helped our family to increase our connection with one another and the divine. We had miracles and life-changing events happen in the courses! Taylor is an intuitive, compassionate, committed listener and coach. Her courses are unique and designed to support anyone’s life style. In our family alone we have a stay-at-home mom, a busy CEO dad running two companies, a school-age boy, a daughter with special needs, and a baby who will be landing on the earth in a few short months, plus a little white dog and three birds!! She does it all! She’s amazing!
— John, Tara, Alek, Eva, and Buddy, Chesterfield, PA
With the frantic pace and stresses of everyday life, it is easy to lose track of who you are. As importantly, it is easy to feel alone or even lost. Over the years we have benefited, as a family, tremendously from Taylor’s Courses of Light. Much more that just guided meditations, these courses help us to reconnect with our essential selves, and identify the paths we should be on, rather than continuing to follow the paths on which we have found ourselves. They remind us that no matter how alone we may feel, we are in fact part of a universal community of souls to which we can turn for guidance, support, advice, and emotional sustenance. Taylor speaks to the everyday challenges all people face, and offers practical advice about how to nourish our spirits, and approach these challenges with a healthier, more open, grounded, and optimistic perspective. Taylor opened our eyes to an entirely new and more positive way of interacting with the world.
— Kurt Steinert, Corporate and public interest communications executive, New Jersey
I loved working with Taylor in the session that we had together. The work that got done touched very deeply into who I am—and really spoke to my heart. The session was empowering, uplifting, and I had whole new insights into areas of my life that had been dark for a long time. The session has made a lasting difference for me, and continues to unfold in my life every day.
— Nanci B., Transformational course leader, Brooklyn, NY
I have been through some significant changes over the last few years—some good, some great, and many difficult. I have had the privilege of knowing Taylor during these years. Her support—not in the traditional sense, but in a way of feeling real strength backing me—has been a source of strength as I struggle with and adapt to these changes. It is difficult to put into precise words what her courses do and have done for me, but I don’t find it necessary to define it in words. The outcome in real terms in my life has been a growing sense of confidence and love for myself. It’s something I’ve always heard people talk about as important and a key to happiness, but it takes on a different meaning when you begin to feel it for yourself. Taylor and her Courses of Light have been a key support in my beginning to appreciate myself, and that is beginning to translate into such good changes for me.
— Emily S., Financial services, Boston, MA
Sessions of Light have opened a world to me where life is a continuous stream of miracles, in my personal life, my business, and my environmental stewardship endeavors. My private sessions have fueled the progress for starting several successful businesses, creative development of new products, and visions for non-profits and charitable groups. Sessions of Light have supported me in forging client and business relationships that I never thought possible, having a rich, fulfilling life with powerful personal and family relationships that are the true riches of living a passionate love-filled life. I highly endorse these offerings. They work for anyone no matter what your path or where you are on your journey.
— Jeffery Shaw, Owner, SEEDS Green Printing and Design
Bottom line for you hard-core practical folks: Courses of Light aren’t just platitudes and buzzwords!
— Terri Taylor, International news reporter/ filmmaker
Taylor and her Courses of Light have helped me to transform and uplift my life. Being part of the courses, listening to the transmissions, and using the incredible information and energy Taylor brings through have changed my life in many and miraculous ways. I love hearing about and feeling what is happening in the world on a soul level and being with that in a way that helps me to be more open, connected, grounded, and loving.

My 10-year-old son also loves listening to the transmissions and often asks to listen to them as he is falling asleep at night.

I have been blessed to work with Taylor privately, and this too has been life altering. Through her I was able to connect with my guides and receive clear guidance on several aspects of my life. For years I was considering leaving a job that was so wonderful in many ways but where I was not fully manifesting my calling. Through my work with Taylor, I was able to get the guidance, support, and amazing and beautiful information I needed to follow through with leaving my job and starting my own Wellness Center. It has been an incredible journey, one that is still evolving and growing. I am so appreciative of all that Taylor is and does and would highly recommend her.
— Deborah Ginsburg, MD, Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center, Skillman, NJ
Every time I am in touch with Taylor—exploring into the depths of life, going beyond what there seems to be, stretching reality to its utmost dimensions possible—my life expands into spheres where there are no questions, no answers, because neither is needed anymore.

Being in a channeling experience with Taylor or simply having a conversation with the person Taylor is truly a gift one wishes everyone to have. It’s a gift that enables and empowers one to go beyond the limited human capacity, to experience one’s authenticity and power for transformation, like I have never experienced with anyone...over and over again.

Taylor’s ability and gift to focus on her “client’s” soul and touch it in the most loving way, and thus further one’s capacities and abilities to dis-attach and experience total freedom is staggering. I feel truly blessed.

Taylor Call, over and over, leaving her personal needs and preferences behind, in a total unselfish manner, masters the skill to support another person unconditionally. She empowers you to follow your bliss and go beyond any limits you seem to think or experience exist.

All what I describe above has been shared over the phone, which makes it even more powerful and unique, because it happens here and now, with no limits of time and space. I am filled with gratitude and deep admiration.
— Mario Binetti, Director, Kientalerhof Center for Holistic Healing and Development of Consciousness, Kiental, Switzerland
I want to share how timely your Flourishing Light and Being Miraculous transmissions were in my life. I felt so supported and energized by listening to them. It was amazing how even if I did not listen to them right away, when I heard them, they were just the words and messages that I needed in that moment. I was honored to be part of a community of light beings expanding consciousness on the planet.
— Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD, VisionWorks, Norwalk, CT
I have participated in several Courses of Light over the past three years. I have found them to be very beneficial and profound. More than ever before, people are in need of this caliber of light frequencies. I highly suggest these Light Courses for integration and refinement during this most dynamic time of our personal and planetary evolution.
— Christina Fisher, Author of Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart
I participated in my first Course of Light when I was 14, and it provided an incredible connection to my soul and a platform from which to manifest intentions and create my life. My first Session of Light was at the age of 16, which was extremely personal compared to the group sessions. I was left with a profound experience of my higher self and a new clarity on every question that I had. Sessions with Taylor have been the simplest and most beautiful opportunity to open to greater levels of light, where she opens the door and then the rest is really up to my soul. I am deeply grateful for the work that I have done with Taylor. I am grateful for the growth and the evolution that have occurred in my life, for the present connection that I have with myself, for the perspective it has given me on my life, and for all of the skills I have developed through it over the past 10 years.
— Laura Gouge, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR
I have participated in many of Taylor’s courses over a number of years. The positive energy from joining together with other beings of light and the personal attention and support from Taylor that I have received saw me through a very dark time, and helped me to transform the darkness into light. Many new doors have opened for me, and I now am living my Dharma helping animals and people in need on a global basis, have moved to a wonderful new home and community, and am in the process of creating even more positive impacts and personal goals.
— Jennifer Sullivan, International consultant
The transmissions are amazing. The energy is very loving and powerful, and there is no dogma at all. They are very uplifting and supportive. I play the transmissions at low volume while I sleep in order to get as much of the wonderful energy as I can.
— Carla Hess, Critical Care Crisis RN, Northern California
Listening to Taylor’s transmissions has been like opening a door to the messages of the Universe—the messages that have been waiting for me to hear, see, feel, and know if only I would just open to receive them. I’d kept this secret door locked, but Taylor has given me the key so I can step on through and see the beauty around me and know with every fiber of my being that I am a part of this wondrous world. Perhaps more important than helping me to see things from a different perspective, the transmissions have enabled me to FEEL things from a different perspective. I thank Taylor for opening my eyes and my heart, and for enabling me to hear and trust my highest self. My husband, two children, and dog eagerly await each new transmission from Taylor!
— Christina Sacalis, Masterful mom, kindergarten assistant, gardener, and homemaker, Sergeantsville, NJ
I have been blessed to experience a private session with Taylor. She was guided to speak privately with me about a very destructive addiction that was controlling my life. To be honest, I was very scared, yet desperate to change. I knew I was killing myself, both physically and emotionally, but could not stop. My guides, through Taylor, made it perfectly clear that I needed to stop drinking. This I knew, but getting this guidance somehow made it very, very real. My guides were very strong, very clear, and very real with me. I needed that. I was instructed on ways to get sober, but more importantly I was reminded of something very important. While drinking I was not the woman God intended me to be. I was a good mother, wife, friend, etc., AND sober I would be amazing! Somewhere in my soul I knew this to be true. I knew that I could be a better instrument for my God sober. I now am 19 months sober. My life is so much fuller. I am able to really be present in my life. My guides reminded me how important it is to really BE here, not distracted by the drink. I am now able to help other women with this issue. God is using me to help others, just like Taylor helped me. God bless you, Taylor. You truly helped change my life!! I love you very much.
— M. J., Stay-at-home mother, Furlong, PA
I have participated in both a private session and the Courses of Light; both have made a deep impact on my life. Growing up with a spiritual inclination is easier in this day and age. However, most of us often feel like outcasts with no one to relate to in our peers. I myself have spent ages looking for my community. Taylor’s course made me feel that I wasn’t alone, that in fact there were thousands and millions of people just like me tuning into higher frequencies, striving to find answers to life and to help others along the way. Not only did I feel like I was more a part of the whole, but I finally had confirmations on what was truly happening with my mental, emotional, and physical body. I received answers and guidance on who it was that we all are, light beings who resonant in joy and love, and how best to honor that aspect in one’s self. Taylor’s sessions are transformative down to the cellular level! Her courses and sessions help guide us to our true nature within ourselves that we often forget while walking the path of life. They have brought me tremendous insight into parts of myself that needed healing. Overall I have become more empowered and learned how to truly live the life of my dreams. Thank you!
— Kelly Trepanier, Hawaiian Islands
I am humbled for the opportunity to say something about what has been a significant and satisfying part of my life for several years now—Courses of Light. How can I explain the unexplainable? How can I define the indefinable? This is my experience from participating in Courses of Light. Many things in our life cannot be explained, but nonetheless they are real. I always feel better, safer, more at ease when I am part of their energy vortex. Also I feel a closer connection to the Universe and my Creator. Together we can and have created miracles. When many souls are aligned for the common good of mankind, wonderful things happen. This you will have to experience yourself to understand, and even then it may be beyond your comprehension, as it is mine.
— Dennis Cooper, age 75, Gilbert, AZ
The Flourishing Light course has changed my life completely. It’s the greatest gift to humanity and personally the best course I could ever have been a part of myself. All the other spiritual systems out there pale in comparison to Flourishing Light. Thank you and the Communities of Light.
— Emmanuel Calangute, India
When you create intentions, they all come true in some way or another. Taylor’s amazing—that she makes these courses. All that is true. She is just so amazing there is nothing else to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Kai Weinstein, age 8, Amazing skim boarding /skating /baseball star, North Salem, NY
Taylor’s work is like “Mission Impossible”. It is nothing short of miraculous. She has been able to guide and help me and my family with some very challenging situations that required immediate action. With the help of her guides and the Angels we called upon, everything resolved in a very short time to everyone’s satisfaction. I could not recommend her work more strongly. If you think something is impossible to resolve, just give her a call and watch it all unfold like magic! Thank you Taylor! You are the BEST!!!
— Teshna Beaulieu D.C. , Q.N.C.P. East Chatham, New York Author of “Fit for Love" Manifest your Ideal Relationship, Understand and Transform Your Love Blueprint
Taylor, you are a gift to this planet. In a world filled with people who have no connection to the beauty and magic of the natural world, you remind us who we are, what real beauty is, where we can find true nourishment, and how to make our soul and spirit sing. You live in a world of beauty and wonder, and you make that world available to all of us. You make such a difference in my life and to all life. Thank you.
— Deborah Gouge Writing, Editing, Collaboration