A Session of Light

Sessions are available remotely to anyone, anywhere in the world.

A Session of Light can be an opportunity to understand once and for all who you are and what you are here to do. In this session, anything you desire to shift, evolve, create, or transform will do so. Life-long mysteries can be revealed, and persistent issues resolved. These sessions are conducted at the multidimensional levels of your being with the loving assistance of your higher self, your guides, and The Communities of Light.

If you desire specific guidance and insight on projects or areas of your life, this session is an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. If you are already engaged in your mission and wish to gain clarity and momentum to create miracles, then you can have that be the intention of your Session of Light.

We suggest that you spend time prior to a Session of Light looking at what your intentions are from the space of "anything is possible"—for in these realms anything is possible. Sessions of Light are facilitated by Taylor and conducted remotely via phone or Skype.

Sessions of Light are potent, life-altering, one-on-one opportunities for evolution and connection to your divine lineage.

Scheduling A Session of Light

We have found that, if you are drawn to have a Session of Light, your soul and higher self have guided you here.  Once you request a session in the link below, Taylor's assistant will contact you within 48 hours via email to schedule your session.


A Session with Taylor and The Communities of Light—$225 an hour /$175 for 45 minutes /$125 for 30 minutes

1 Month Support Package   $475

Includes a 1 hour intake appointment and 2, 45 minute follow ups with email support throughout. A total of 3 appointments!